Monochromacy - SkyNoir
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Shoreline of the Universe

Against dark rifts of interstellar dust, the ebb and flow of starlight along the Milky Way looks like waves breaking on a cosmic shore in this night skyscape. Taken from atop a dune line looking out over the shoreline of the Atlantic - Hatteras Island, North Carolina USA.

This monochrome image is reminiscent of the time when sensitive black and white film was a popular choice for dimly lit night and astrophotography. The bright stars of Sagittarius and Scorpius are near the center of the frame. Wandering Mars, Saturn, and Zubenelgenubi (Alpha Librae) form the compact triangle of bright celestial beacons farther right of the galaxy's central bulge.

This image also reminds me of the 1950's sci-fi movie genre and could have been titled "It Came From Beyond the Dunes".

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