Sky Noir Photography by Bill Dickinson


As a teen Bill Dickinson turned his bedroom into a darkroom, and has gone on to develop photographs that are seen all over the world. An early love of technology, science, and design influences a collection of photography that specializes in capturing incredibly rich images of cityscapes, architecture, interiors, sports, and the outdoors. Using technological artistry developed during his decades of experience allows him to create images using a variety of methods that capture visual moments in time. A skyline nightscape he created for the city of Chicago’s nation tourism campaign used multiple photos seamlessly blended to create a rendering of the city’s skyline far more beautifully than any single photo could achieve.

His clients have included advertising agencies, magazines, and multi-national companies, as well as local businesses and art collectors with a penchant for photographic artistry. His work has appeared on the popular Richmond, Virginia based blog “Young House Love,” as well as in homes across the USA. 

Bill is available for photographic commissions in categories including architectural and interiors, transportation, sporting events,  travel, and outdoor photography. He has a particular knack for dusk and dawn photography, fueled by his love of the night sky. For more information, please use the Contact link on left.

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